Weekends Only Sustainability Efforts


It's our only planet

"Going green is greatly reducing our energy and waste management costs — not only improving the environment, but carrying out our mission to save customers money."
- Tom Phillips, CEO, Weekends Only

At Weekends Only, we know our choices don’t just impact us. They also affect our customers, our community, and our environment, which is why we practice the “Three Rs” in every area of our company.


In 2012, we transformed our stores, distribution center, and corporate headquarters with energy-reducing updates. We switched to light sensors, LED light bulbs, and programmable thermostats. Our electricity usage dropped by 19%, which is like taking 143 cars off of the road.


Weekends Only Recycles Cardboard Bailer

Sometimes the shipping and receiving processes damage furniture, making items unfit to sell. To prevent waste, we donate them to local charities. We also reuse packing materials like bubble wrap, plastic, cardboard, and Styrofoam to secure our merchandise.


Each year, we recycle more than 250 tons of cardboard, 25 tons of plastic, 10 tons of Styrofoam, and 6000 wood pallets. Our stores and offices also recycle paper, plastic, and aluminum.

All these changes are not only good for our environment and community, but they also reflect how Weekends Only saves you money.