Office Storage & Bookcases

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  1. Arlington Bookcase
    Arlington Bookcase
    $298 Market Price $459 Save 35%
  2. Louis 60" Bookcase
    Louis 60" Bookcase
    $169 Market Price $279 Save 39%
  3. Louis 72" Bookcase
    Louis 72" Bookcase
    $189 Market Price $319 Save 41%
  4. Beach Blue Display Cabinet
    Beach Blue Display Cabinet
    $177 Market Price $259 Save 32%
  5. Enedina Bookshelf
    Enedina Bookshelf
    $248 Market Price $399 Save 38%
  6. 10 Box Console
    10 Box Console
    $298 Market Price $439 Save 32%
  7. Washington 5 Shelf Bookcase
    Washington 5 Shelf Bookcase
    $132 Market Price $199 Save 34%
  8. Washington 2 Shelf Bookcase
    Washington 2 Shelf Bookcase
    $68 Market Price $199 Save 66%
  9. Studio Bookcase
    Studio Bookcase
    $132 Market Price $159 Save 17%
  10. Studio Bookcase
    Studio Bookcase
    $88 Market Price $119 Save 26%
  11. Select 5 Shelf Bookcase
    Select 5 Shelf Bookcase
    $112 Market Price $138 Save 19%
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109 Results

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Shopping for Office Storage and Bookcases

Shelves, hutches, and bookcases are essential storage pieces for every room in the house. Whether you are choosing furniture for the perfect home office or need to tuck a little more storage in the living room, hallway, or guest room, we can’t think of a room that won’t benefit from the bookshelves and storage furniture available at your local Weekends Only furniture store.

Office storage creates an efficient workspace, which is essential for organization, filing, storage, and displaying items you use often. Our advice? Start with some office bookshelves. Our stores have an entire section filled with home office furniture including ladder bookcases, painted and natural wooden bookcases, and other bookcase styles from leading manufacturers.

Closed bookcases and hutches hide the clutter, while open bookcases are a nice choice to display books and photographs. Tired of ugly metal filing cabinets? Try attractive, quality furniture for the office instead, like an oak bookcase, wooden filing cabinet, or a desk with hutch to store office supplies.

Need office furniture for small spaces? Try short bookcases for rooms with unique corners or take advantage of vertical space with tall bookcases.

People don’t come to Weekends Only to get cheap office furniture. They come to get quality home office furniture that just happens to cost hundreds of dollars less than at other stores. We only open on the weekends, choose the right vendors, and focus on bringing you low prices.

Shop home furniture online and visit our discount furniture store this weekend at any of our St. Louis or Indianapolis locations.