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  1. Premium Sleep Westbury 2.0 Innerspring Firm Mattress
    Premium Sleep Westbury 2.0 Innerspring Firm Mattress
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    $1,526 Market Price $3,199 Save 52%
  2. Toby Innerspring Firm Mattress
    Toby Innerspring Firm Mattress
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    $197 Market Price $399 Save 51%
  3. Premium Sleep Arcadia 2.0 Innerspring Plush Mattress
    Premium Sleep Arcadia 2.0 Innerspring Plush Mattress
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    $1,795 Market Price $2,949 Save 39%
  4. Hot Deal
    Deluxe Innerspring Firm Mattress
    Deluxe Innerspring Firm Mattress
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    $248 Market Price $599 Save 59%
  5. Hot Deal
    Deluxe Innerspring Plush Mattress
    Deluxe Innerspring Plush Mattress
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    $258 Market Price $449 Save 43%
  6. Premium Sleep Signature Plush Euro-Top Mattress
    Premium Sleep Signature Plush Euro-Top Mattress
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    $2,249 Market Price $3,649 Save 38%
  7. Ames Innerspring Firm Mattress
    Ames Innerspring Firm Mattress
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    $95 Market Price $269 Save 65%
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Innerspring Mattresses for Sale From Weekends Only

Let your body rest and heal by sleeping on the perfect mattress for you. At Weekends Only, we help you find the mattress that will be the first step on your path to a restful night.

Weekends Only has plenty of affordable mattresses, including a variety of innerspring mattresses available in the comfort level of your choice: Firm mattresses, plush mattresses, and ultra plush mattresses.

Innerspring mattresses are one of the most well-known and standard types of mattresses. The two main components of these mattresses are cushion/foam and the springs. The cushion/foam brings the comfort factor, while the springs allow the mattress to keep its shape and provide you with the support you need. The individually wrapped zoned coil springs at the core of the mattress hold up your body properly with the right amount of pressure to help relieve the poor circulation, aching backs, or cramped muscles that usually accompany a night of inadequate support. In addition, an innerspring mattress provides you with a great supportive base for a mattress topper of your choice.

So you need a new mattress. After too many restless nights, you know it is time to upgrade for a better night's sleep. Do you know what mattress is right for you? It is easy to get confused with so many options in mattresses, from memory foam mattresses to hybrid technologies. But what about innerspring mattresses for sale? They used to be one of the only choices for shoppers, with varying levels of comfort. Trust us when we say that innerspring mattresses have come a long way over the years, with new technology to help ensure you are getting the best night’s sleep.

How do you know if an innerspring mattress is right for you? Here are some simple tips:

The Benefits of an Innerspring Mattress

Huge Selection & Variety To Choose From For Any Budget: From extra firm to super plush, innerspring mattresses come in a huge range of options guaranteed to please even Goldilocks! In addition to comfort levels, innerspring mattresses can also come in a range of price points as well, giving you options without breaking the bank.

Perfect For All Sleepers: Innerspring mattresses can’t be beat for sleepers who like to move around at night. They are excellent for people who find themselves in different positions as they snooze, from side sleep positions to stomach, and even back sleepers get all the support they need.

A Cooler Option For Warmer Sleepers: One of the common complaints about memory foam mattresses is that they sleep “warm.” This is perfect for the perpetually cold person who wants to wrap themselves in a cocoon of warmth. But if your temperature runs a little hot, an innerspring mattress can offer a more cool package due to the breathability of innerspring coils. In fact, innerspring coils can transfer heat 28% better than most traditional memory foam mattresses, which is welcome news for all you polar bears out there.

A Great Edgy Option: Another great benefit to an innerspring mattress is their excellent edge support, compared to a traditional memory foam mattress. Edge support refers to the structural integrity along the outer perimeter of the mattress. For those who find themselves sitting on the side of the bed in the morning, you can feel the difference in support.

While foam mattresses offer excellent comfort, they don’t offer the same edge support as an innerspring mattress will. These mattresses are supportive all the way out to the edges of the mattress, increasing the overall surface area of where you can sleep comfortably.

Still not sure how to choose? Get some tips from our guide, 10 Simple Steps to Buying a New Mattress, and then come test out some mattresses at Weekends Only. Shop our wide selection of innerspring mattresses, or test out our other options from memory foam to hybrid models. Our team is here to help you find just the right mattress for your best night’s sleep.

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