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Shopping for Box Springs & Bed Frames

Why bother with a box spring or bed frame? Your mattress needs room to breathe! Placing your mattress directly on the floor creates an environment for mold and mildew to thrive. Not only is this a health concern, but it also reduces the quality and life of your mattress.

Weekends Only gives you choices with a variety of mattress frames, box springs, and bed foundations to give all types of mattresses a long lifespan. We have you covered, from bed frames that fit California king size bed dimensions to box spring mattresses in the size of twin mattresses and everything in between.

If you like the minimal look you get from having your mattress on the floor, try one of our low profile box springs paired with one of our low profile bed frames.

Got pain? Or does snoring keep you or your partner up at night? Consider an adjustable bed frame. Pain is the most common issue people have upon waking in the morning, and our selection of adjustable bed bases offers just the right support to relieve back pain. An elevated sleeping position can also reduce snoring. Adjustable bases offer different levels of comfort and features to suit your personal needs.

If you’re not sure what keeps you up at night, maybe our Mattress Guide blog post will help!

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