The Mattress Shopping Experience

Tired of mattress stores’ prices? Are you driven crazy by the fact very few furniture stores offer brand-name mattresses at reasonable prices? Well, the madness ends here with Weekends Only! We work directly with mattress manufacturers like Sherwood, Classic Brands, and Restonic to bring you the quality of brand names without the high prices.

We are delighted to offer memory foam mattresses for the best kind of “sinking feeling,” innerspring mattresses to put the spring back in your step, and hybrid mattresses for the people who just love to mix it up a little. We’re the one-stop online and in-store mattress outlet!

Naturally, we believe in a solid foundation, which is why we also provide you with the best steel bed frames, box springs, and adjustable bases at discount prices. Do you like to fly under the radar? No worries, we carry low profile bed frames AND low profile box springs.

Don’t forget to protect your brand new mattress with a mattress protector! From comfort plush to total defense, we have protectors for any mattress size. Visit our stores or shop online for king size, queen size, full size, and twin size mattresses in the comfort level of your choice, including firm, plush, and ultra plush mattresses.

And finally, we come to your last step (in the mattress department, that is). Get ready to fall asleep as soon as your head hits your comfortable new pillow. We carry a great set of bedroom pillows including quality memory foam, gel foam, and “ultra cool” bed pillows because turning your pillow over to get to the cold side can get slightly cumbersome.

We’ve got you covered, from headboard to footboard—shop until you plop (into bed)! Welcome to the wonderful world of top-quality mattresses at Weekends Only discount mattress prices, where you can get the ultimate level of comfort for the minimum amount of moolah.