Kids Dressers

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  1. Napoleon Dresser
    Napoleon Dresser
    $337 Market Price $749 Save 55%
  2. Dominique Dresser
    Dominique Dresser
    $364 Market Price $729 Save 50%
  3. Paris Dresser
    Paris Dresser
    $299 Market Price $999 Save 70%
  4. Allison Dresser
    Allison Dresser
    $284 Market Price $549 Save 48%
  5. Phoenix Dresser
    Phoenix Dresser
    $426 Market Price $829 Save 49%
  6. Metallic Lilac Dresser
    Metallic Lilac Dresser
    $498 Market Price $999 Save 50%
  7. Greenough Dresser
    Greenough Dresser
    $328 Market Price $649 Save 49%
  8. Brenner  Dresser
    Brenner Dresser
    $374 Market Price $699 Save 46%
  9. Vineyard Dresser
    Vineyard Dresser
    $224 Market Price $449 Save 50%
  10. Trinet Dresser
    Trinet Dresser
    $298 Market Price $599 Save 50%
  11. Olivet Dresser
    Olivet Dresser
    $293 Market Price $569 Save 49%
  12. Lulu Dresser
    Lulu Dresser
    $217 Market Price $359 Save 40%
  13. Juararo Dresser
    Juararo Dresser
    $254 Market Price $429 Save 41%
  14. Exquisite Dresser
    Exquisite Dresser
    $277 Market Price $499 Save 44%
  15. Leo Dresser
    Leo Dresser
    $217 Market Price $359 Save 40%
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22 Results

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Shopping for Kids Dressers

A place for everything, and everything in its place! That is the key to tidiness and organization…and the real reason your kids need a dresser! Let us help you find the right children’s dressers to store your child’s clothing and belongings and to display their treasured possessions.

Come check out our fantastic, family-friendly prices on a wide selection of quality furniture. We have well-built wooden and painted dressers in a variety of styles and colors. Shopping for affordable furniture for your child’s bedroom is fun at Weekends Only!

Whether you are redoing the kids’ room or just need one item, you’ll love shopping for kid’s bedroom furniture at Weekends Only. We have fun, colorful kids bedroom sets that include kids dressers, toddler dressers, boys dressers, and girls dressers. Before you leave, you can grab a cute rug for a pop of color, a toy chest for the little ones, or a desk lamp for the students, and you’ll have a completely transformed bedroom at discount furniture prices.

Have teenagers who want to design their own room? Let them choose their own dresser in a variety of color schemes to match any teenage bedroom sets. Dressers help them stay organized, get ready faster in the morning, and take ownership over their belongings. And low-priced furniture keeps Mom and Dad happy!

If you’re tired of chasing furniture sales and driving to far-off furniture outlets, you are going to love Weekends Only. We are only open on the weekends so that we can offer you low prices on high-quality furniture, mattresses, and home décor for children and adults.

Come explore our furniture store on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, or shop our online furniture store right now to choose a dresser at the best price from the brands you love (like Ashley Furniture) in the style that’s just right for you!