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Transitional Style Furniture
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Transitional Furniture From Weekends Only

Are you unsure of what style best emulates you? Maybe you like a little bit of everything, but in small doses? Do you like traditional styles with a contemporary twist? Then transitional furniture from Weekends Only may be just what you are looking for. The beauty of transitional design is that you don’t have to choose one style of décor over another. Instead, transitional furniture allows for a subtle yet stylish mix of profiles and finishes.

What Is Transitional Furniture

When you combine the comforts of traditional furniture with the sleek elements of modern or contemporary design, you have transitional furniture. It is a style that is both sophisticated and clean. This style draws on simple color palettes and rich textures to create a look that is appealing to both masculine and feminine tastes, perfect for your home. For example a neutral couch with a rounded profile, typical of traditional furniture, may be paired with an accent chair with a straight and modern profile and pop of color. This approach allows for a great deal of flexibility in designing your room, while combining two unique styles (just in case you can’t decide.)

Part of what makes transitional furniture so appealing is its focus on neutral colors. When colors like gray, cream, khaki, and taupe are used as the foundation for the space, it leaves room for unexpected and fun pops of color or texture. Bright blues combined with muted grays are quite popular. As are strong steel accents, like a mixed media coffee table, paired with plush cream colored couches, creating a chic yet relaxing space in your home.

Transitional style helps to give your home a fun personality, a perfect representation of you and your family. Simple accessories allow the furniture to take center stage, so a transitional space typically takes a minimalistic approach to additional décor. Simple photographs in metal frames on an oval wooden tray are an example of this style in action. No matter how you choose to accessorize, with transitional style the room will feel warm and inviting.

Shop Weekends Only Furniture And Mattress For Your Transitional Furniture

At Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress our goal is to bring affordable and chic options to you in a range of styles. Let us show you the freedom and flexibility that transitional furniture can bring to your home. From bold colors to neutral comforts, Weekends Only has a wide range of options to refresh every room in your home.

Shop all of our style options to see the vast selection that Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress can offer. Or stop in to one of our locations and let us show you firsthand what makes Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress special. With our great service and special financing options, shopping at Weekends Only has never been easier.