Traditional Furniture

Traditional Furniture

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Traditional Furniture From Weekends Only Furniture And Mattress

Do you have an old-world aesthetic? Do you exude elegance in your day-to-day life? Does ornate detail, rich colors, and dark woods bring you joy? It sounds like you have a very upscale style, one that would pair well with the traditional furniture from Weekends Only. The classic and luxurious beauty of traditional design can be found, without an upscale price, throughout our Weekends Only stores.

What Is Traditional Furniture?

Traditional style home decor may include many characteristics from one or more historical architectural styles, from Baroque to Victorian, Neoclassical to French Country. These elements can be pulled into traditional bedroom furniture or living room furniture in a number of ways. Victorian design is pulled into traditional furniture with the use of dark woods, luxurious fabrics, intricate detail, and rich jewel tones. In contrast, French Country styles offer a more casual elegance with softer colors and muted fabrics. This style utilizes lots of wood and other natural materials, often utilizing distressed paint for a shabby chic look.

No matter what the inspiration, traditional furniture often includes rich details. Traditional furniture makes excellent statement pieces, dripping with luxury and opulence. Any furniture with a serpentine or curved silhouette or a wingback frame will fit into this style. Pedestal bases, grommet details, or intricate carvings all make traditional furniture stand out in your home.

Traditional furniture can turn any room into a showpiece, working well to fill large rooms or drawing attention to an interesting window or fireplace. Traditional style decorating relies on these details to create a refined and elegant atmosphere in any room. Symmetrical arrangements of furniture and accessories serve to highlight the order and sophistication of your home. With pops of rich color and textures, you can create a room that you will be proud to show off.

Shop Weekends Only Furniture And Mattress For Your Traditional Furniture

At Weekends Only, our goal is to bring elegant and chic options to you in a range of styles at prices that will surprise you. Shop our full collection with details like carved wood accents, arched backs, claw foot legs and armrests, bold grommets, and luxe upholstery. While we offer opulent details, you won’t find expensive price tags. Instead, Weekends Only Furniture & Mattress offers a wide selection of traditional furniture at unbeatable prices.

Shop all of our style options to see the vast selection that Weekends Only can offer. Or stop in to one of our locations and let us show you firsthand what makes Weekends Only special. With our great service and easy delivery options, shopping at Weekends Only has never been easier.