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What's Hot In Motion Furniture - Interview with Weekends Only Motion Buyer

By Ashley 
2/5/2014 9:41:00 AM

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down for a few moments with the woman who buys motion furniture for all our Weekends Only stores. She shed new light on what's currently happening in motion, what new trends are on the horizon and a few of her personal favs as well!

Q: Why do you enjoy buying motion furniture so much?

A: I get to buy the furniture people are most comfortable in. Motion furniture is typically utilized where life happens. A huge reclining sectional isn’t going to be in your proper sitting room for tea time – It’s going to be jumped on during football Sunday and have juice spilled on during movie night. Motion furniture is where people come together. It’s important to me that during those times people are their most comfortable and enjoy all the features they are most looking for in their living areas.

Q: Speaking of those features, what’s new in the motion furniture industry?

A: Power is becoming increasingly popular so we’ve made it more prominent in the assortment we offer.  I’ve been able bring in power reclining options at all different price points. Now we have options under $700 in order to meet the needs of any budget. Technology is playing a big role in motion upgrades as well. Many motion pieces are now equipped with USB ports so you can stay connected with your tablet, smart phone or iPod. We’ve also seen an uptick on our showroom floor of additional storage components via center consoles, hidden arm storage and additional cup holders. All of these upgrades really are creating a personal theater in your home!

Q: What new motion pieces have you recently bought to bring in to our stores?

A: We’re building out our power leather assortment for our customers and focusing on the key collections our customers prefer. Man Wah® is one of the premiere leather brands our customers continue to love. With time I’ve built a great relationship with Man Wah® vendors in order to bring in excellent closeout deals time and time again.  The product being delivered to us is absolutely fabulous. It is high quality and stylish and we get first dibs on it. This often this leaves us with the ability to present our customers with deep discounts on some of the best leather motion pieces available.

As far as a specific piece I’m most excited about, soon we’ll be receiving an exciting new group from New Classics®. The Montana will feature power reclining, storage in the arms and LED track lighting along the base for the real theater experience.

Q: Out of Weekends Only current selection which one is your personal favorite?

A: Selecting just one furniture piece is tough – so I won’t. Instead I’ll elaborate on my passion for quality leather motion pieces. With Man Wah® leather motion pieces you really get what you pay for - - and that’s a great deal. The leather is buttery soft and beautiful. The quality of their pieces is superior. I’m proud of my entire line of products in the motion category but it’s easy to always go back to a classic like Man Wah®.

Dawn Fairfield is a Buyer in the Corporate Office at Weekends Only Furniture Outlet. She has been with Weekends Only for almost 9 years and continues to bring fresh and exciting furniture options to each of her categories. Dawn buys Mattresses, Bed Frames, all Bedding Accessories, Motion Furniture and Recliners. She lives in Collinsville, Illinois with her husband, and future baseball hero son.