Weekends Only People-Centric Culture

Weekends Only Employees pictured in 4 different photos both in and outside the store

All businesses believe that they have the best offering of the product or service they sell. But a quality product alone does not define success or ensure a prosperous business. Every initiative at Weekends Only connects to a central theme of driving a “People-Centric” culture. So, what exactly does People-Centric mean to us?

Valuing the People that Define Us: Weekends Only is More than a Business – We are a Community

We know that our business is not solely defined by the product that we sell. We sell furniture, but the core of our business is people.

Weekends Only is built on a harmonious relationship that exists between the PEOPLE that make us who we are, and that interconnectivity defines us – from our customers to our employees, from our vendors, suppliers, and distribution partners to the communities our locations operate in.

We believe that by embracing a truly People-Centric culture, we recognize that our success as a business cannot be measured just in dollars and cents, but in fostering meaningful relationships that value the lives of the people at the heart of what we do and how we serve.

We’ve Come a Long Way to Become Who We Are Today

Since the first Weekends Only opened its doors in 1997, our values have grown with us to reflect an increased commitment to caring for, developing, and valuing our employees, our customers, and our communities. These include the values of:

  • • Citizenship
  • • Honesty
  • • Collaboration
  • • Learning & Growth
  • • Efficiency
  • • Safety

… and we realized we wanted to have more fun along the way!

Our Mission: More Than Savings

Just as our values have evolved, so has our Mission. We focus on saving our customers more than just money (though we do love that!) – we aim to provide our customers with an EXPERIENCE that adds value to their lives through saving them money and time.

Our noncommissioned sales approach was designed to better focus on truly understanding and serving our customers’ needs. We practice this by keeping our costs & overhead low (meaning lower prices for our customers), and we believe all people deserve the best in their homes.

Looking to the Future

We understand that to truly achieve our Mission, our efforts must be ongoing and that we must reach towards that goal every day. To that end, we will continue to work on the key initiatives that support our People-Centric approach. In order to do that, we have big plans, including:

  • • Developing People-Centric Leadership Training
  • • Launching an internal survey for our employees
  • • Looking for feedback from our valued customers

We’ll be using the input from our employees and our customers to identify what things we do well, as a company, to make ALL people feel valued, included, and inspired (we want to keep doing those things!). We’ll also identify things we want to improve to ensure that we are creating an inclusive environment where our team members and our customers feel welcomed and comfortable sharing their unique beliefs, experiences, and needs.