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UrbanFUTURE Is Going Places!

By Ashley 
3/3/2014 10:24:00 AM

UrbanFUTURE has accomplished so much toward helping students in St. Louis achieve their academic goals and start the path to a successful career. At Weekends Only we’re excited to contribute to UrbanFUTURE’s growth and opportunities in any way possible. We’re proud to say many of our employees are UrbanFUTURE mentors and choose to spend their personal time shaping the future of St. Louis. One of the opportunities UrbanFUTURE students are hopeful to take advantage of is the annual trip to Washington D.C. In order to participate, each student is required to select a monument or landmark of interest in Washington, D.C. and spend the semester researching its history and significance. Last year the students were thrilled to visit the places they had learned so much about. From walking the halls of the Library of Congress to watching the historic changing of the guard at Arlington Cemetery, last year’s students covered more ground in the three days than most had walked all year. For many students this is the opportunity of a lifetime and they are always extremely grateful to those who help them along the way.

UrbanFUTURE operates in St. Louis city, in partnership with family, school and community, and is dedicated to the success of urban youth through character formation, academic growth and career preparation.

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