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Real World Business Partners with UrbanFUTURE

By John 
5/27/2014 9:44:00 AM 

Mentor of the year - Jared VonOehsen - Weekends Only HR Services SupervisorWe are “Real World Business Partners” with UrbanFUTURE because of the importance of their mission to the City of St. Louis, and especially to the middle school students in our urban core whom they serve. Many people don’t realize that over 50% of urban children drop out of school before graduation. Growing up in poverty often causes them to lose hope that the American Dream is truly meant for them. They don’t always have ready role models or opportunities to experience what is truly possible if they stay in school – a job, a family, economic security, pursuing a dream… these seem out of reach in a public school system struggling to provide the classroom basics, much less the enrichment opportunities that help kids decide to pursue an education, career, etc. It is during middle school when we can truly make a difference and support them to stay the course to graduate!

Weekends Only is able to help bring these enrichment programs – and hope – back into the lives of these urban kids by partnering with UF so they understand there is a community around them that cares, wants them to succeed, and will help them do so! Our employees help as mentors, classroom speakers, urban gardeners, and fundraisers for these programs - like a summer visit to Washington D.C to learn about our government; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs such as the recent U.S. Navy Blue Angels "Night Under the Stars" at the Saint Louis Science Center Planetarium; and the Missouri SuperMileage engineering challenge through Ranken Technical Institute. And, our employees get so much back from helping as well!

Partnering with UrbanFUTURE is a great way for any company who wants to help create a brighter future for St. Louis, and help these awesome kids restore their path to the future! I’d be happy to talk with others who are interested to learn how they or their company can help.

Contact: John Wennemann, Director of Human Resources
314-447-1510 or jwennemann@weekendsonly.com

Pictured above: Jared VonOehsen, Weekends Only HR Services Supervisor (holding award) with his student mentee, Hubert and UF CEO Frank VanBree – Jared was recognized as 2014 UrbanFUTURE Mentor of the Year at Busch Middle School!