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From Shopper to Employee: Monda's Story

By Monda Petrinelli 
6/8/2015 2:17:00 PM  

Monda's Story of Transforming from a Weekends Only Shopper to a Weekends Only Employee

I was a long-time Weekends Only shopper, even before I bought any furniture. I loved the openness of the store. It felt friendly, and I liked the no-pressure sales environment. My husband and I would stop by often after a movie to check out what was new in the store. On one of these visits, we found a huge, super comfy sectional at a crazy good price—and it was the last one in the store! We knew if we didn't grab it then, it would probably be gone the next time we came in. We bought the sectional, and it was delivered to our house the very next day with a new storage ottoman. Since then, we have loved snuggling up on our favorite sectional every weekend to catch up on our favorite TV shows. Even our dog Fergie loves it!

A year or so later, a recruiter called me out of the blue looking for a new Senior Marketing Manager at Weekends Only. I had just finished reading what is now one of my favorite books: Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos. In the book, Hsieh describes how important and transformative it is for a business to choose and live by a set of core values. When I researched Weekends Only, I found they had a set of core values and a mission statement that drove their business. It was fate! I knew in my gut this was going to be my new job.

I just celebrated my 3-year anniversary with Weekends Only, and I love it more now than when I started. It's the perfect place for me to grow personally and professionally. There's a company-wide focus on mentoring and development. The people here are nice, and we all operate as a real team. The core values are real, too—they are not just a set of words on a wall. (Although you can see them on the wall as soon as you walk into the corporate office!) We actually live and align our business by them, and I'm proud to be part of a company and a culture that makes that a priority.

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