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Our Concept

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the best days of the week.

We live to save you money. We call ourselves Weekends Only, which means exactly what it sounds like. We are only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to keep our costs (and, therefore, your costs!) down.

Weekends Only Accents and Accessories Wall

How We Do It

We use the other days of the week to find the best deals. We visit the same markets all over the country that our competitors do, but because of how we do business, you can count on our buyers to bring you the lowest price.

We do all the negotiating upfront with them, so you don’t need to worry about haggling—the best prices are already in front of you. We combine these purchases with liquidations, closeouts, and other one-of-a-kind pieces from name-brand manufacturers.

We also provide an impressive mattress department with prices just as amazing. Our manufacturers craft our mattresses with the same materials and specifications as the big-name brands, but at Weekends Only, you don’t get stuck paying for the big-name advertising that comes with it.

Furniture Deals at Weekends Only Furniture Outlet

The Shopping Experience

We’re not into stuffy, high-pressure shopping, either. Our 40,000-50,000-square-foot showrooms are easy to browse with similar items grouped together. Need a new dining room set? You won’t need to browse through dozens of room setups to find one you like—just head over to the Dining department to look at dozens of sets at a time.

We train our non-commissioned sales people to help with your questions, not to pressure you into buying. We encourage testing as many couches and mattresses as you need to make your decision, too. If you find yourself falling asleep on one of them, it probably means you’ve found the perfect one to take home!

New Deliveries Each Week

Because our stylish, high-quality selection changes every week, grab that must-have item right away! You can take home much of what you see the same day you buy, and items will arrive within a few days if you need them delivered. (Some items—like lamps, accessories, and wall art—are not deliverable to prevent damage from traveling in large trucks.) No frustrating 4-to-8 week waits with us! Learn more about our delivery and pickup options.

At Weekends Only, you’ll find just what you're looking for (and then some) with extraordinary savings. Be sure to come back next weekend to see what’s new!

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