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The Sleep Guide: 10 Things Great Sleepers Do Consistently
By Restonic
8/11/2017 3:08:00 PM  

The Sleep Guide: 10 Things Great Sleepers Do Consistently | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress
If you’ve had a great night’s sleep, your morning coffee is a bonus, not a personality relocator. Trouble is, many Americans suffer from sleep deprivation—almost 50%, according to some studies. Even worse, long term sleep deprivation can lead to serious health issues and, in some cases, early death.

Improving our sleep health begins with re-envisioning ourselves as amazing sleepers. If you’re ready to sleep better (and live better) get ready to adopt these sleep-boosting attitudes from great sleepers.

1. Practice yoga or meditation in the evening

Yoga later in the day reduces pent up muscle stress and helps you begin the relaxation needed for sleep. If yoga’s new to you, start slow and don’t overstretch.

2. Give yourself permission

Understand that your work will never be done and that a good night’s sleep will help you be more productive and creative. Allow your mind to rest so you can start tomorrow strong.

3. Set an alarm for going to bed

What time do you want to wake up and how many hours do you want to sleep? Do the math and back it up to light’s out time. If you need to be in bed early, skip the nap or coffee after 2 pm so you’ll be able to fall asleep earlier.

4. Add an hour for powering down

Start turning off all your screen devices an hour before you hope to fall asleep. Spend the last hour before bed quietly chatting or reading a good book with real pages. The backlight from electronics and TV wake you up rather than relax you.

5. Grab a snack before bedtime

Say yes to bedtime snacks like peaches, Greek yogurt, or parmesan cheese toast. They have just the right amount of carbohydrates and protein for sleep.

6. Choose your sleep gear carefully

Ensure you have clean, comfortable bedding that’s both breathable and warm, depending your sleep style and climate. Your mattress should be no more than 10 years old and support the natural curve of your spine.

7. Create a bedroom that’s tranquil and sleep-inducing

While bedding is very important to a tranquil feel. Dark-out curtains and a quiet, cool, clutter-free sleep environment will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

8. Lose the snooze button

Repeatedly hitting the snooze button can seriously impair morning mental function by interrupting your natural sleep and wake-up cycle.

9. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Enjoy a big glass of water and stretch out your muscles even before your first cup of coffee. Studies show that just 2 oz. of coffee per hour is enough to keep your system juiced up all day long.

10. Plan for better sleep again tonight

Even successful sleepers often miss this step. Only you can carve out a good night’s sleep, and the only way to do that is it to plan ahead.

This blog was originally published on Restonic.com and does not provide medical advice. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on Restonic.com. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911.

What are your best tips for getting a good night's sleep?

Tell us in the comments below!
The Sleep Guide: 10 Things Great Sleepers Do Consistently | Weekends Only Furniture and MattressThe Sleep Guide: 10 Things Great Sleepers Do Consistently | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress 


Tags: better sleep habits, sleep routine, healthy sleep, eat better, sleep better, learn to sleep better
Categories: Sleep Tips, 2017 Archive
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The Mattress Guide: Which Size Mattress Should You Sleep On?
By Emily Render
6/2/2017 9:42:00 PM  
The Mattress Guide: Which Size Mattress Should You Sleep On?

One of the most important parts of a good night’s sleep is making sure you have enough room. To find the best mattress size for you, consider these tips:
  • Your mattress should be longer than the tallest person sleeping on it
  • If only 1 person will be sleeping in the bed, a Twin, Twin XL or Full size mattress are good options
  • If 2 adults will be sleeping in the bed, a Queen, King, or California King bed is your best option. To make sure, test the bed width by seeing if there is enough space to fold your arms behind your head without going beyond the mattress edge or touching your partner’s elbow
  • If pets or kids will be jumping into bed with you, go up another size

Here's a rundown of the details you need to know about each size of mattress...


  • 39” x 75“
  • AKA a single bed
  • Great for 1 child or 1 adult sleeper, although the length of the mattress might be too short for an adult
  • Often used for children's rooms, bunk beds, daybeds, and smaller spaces like guest bedrooms

Twin XL

  • 39” x 80”
  • Great space savers and popular in many college dorms
  • Same width as a Twin, but offers 5-6" more in length
  • Adults looking for a Twin to create more living space might be better suited with the extra length this size provides


  • 54” x 75”
  • AKA a double or standard bed
  • 15" wider than a Twin
  • Ideal for 1 person since it would only provide about 27" of sleep space each for 2 people (the equivalent of a crib mattress)
  • Might be too short for adults taller than 5’5”
  • Great choice for growing children
  • Extra room allows space for parents to comfortably lie down while tucking kids in for the night


  • 60” x 80”
  • Most popular mattress size
  • Provides more width than a Full by about 6", adding just enough room to comfortably fit 2 sleepers
  • Good choice for growing children, taller adults, guest rooms, or couples that like to sleep closer together
  • Great compromise for those who need the extra space it provides over a Full, while giving more living space than a King


  • 76” x 80”
  • AKA an Eastern King or Standard King
  • A favorite choice for couples, space permitting, because it gives couples almost the equivalent of a Twin XL of sleeping room each
  • Great for growing families or pet owners that share their bed

California King

  • 72” x 84”
  • AKA a Western King
  • Offers an extra 4" of space for taller adults
  • 4" narrower than a king size mattress, but gives each sleeper 6" more width than a Queen
  • Additional length makes this size ideal for adjustable beds, providing ample length even with the head and/or foot elevated
  • If you often share your bed with children or pets, this larger size is a great choice

Which Mattress Size is Right for You?

Let us know in the comments!
The Mattress Guide: Which Size Mattress Should You Sleep On?SaveSaveSaveSaveSave

Tags: N/A
Categories: Sleep Tips, 2017 Archive, Mattresses
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The Mattress Guide: What Keeps You Up At Night?
By Emily Render
4/27/2017 1:25:00 PM  

The Mattress Guide: What Keeps You Up at Night? | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress
What keeps you up at night? What bothers you in the morning after a night’s rest? Here are some of the most common problems that keep people up at night and ways your mattress can help you out.

Back Pain

Sleeping is when your body gets a chance to rest and heal—it shouldn't be causing you more pain. Our team recommends this combo:

  • An adjustable bed to relieve pressure points
  • A memory foam mattress for just the right support
Adjustable Bases | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress Memory Foam Mattresses | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress

Partner or Pet Movement

Are you a light sleeper? Do you or your partner (or a pet) toss and turn all night? Or maybe you go to bed before they do?

  • A memory foam mattress or a gel memory foam mattress. Memory foam dampens movement and minimizes disturbances.
  • If you prefer a spring mattress, make sure you pick a pocketed coil style. Movement doesn’t transfer as easily because the coils aren’t connected all the way across the mattress. If your current mattress hasa big dip in the middle, it’s probably because it’s a connected coil mattress. If one coil breaks, it impacts the support from nearby coils, too.
 Memory Foam Mattresses | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress Gel Memory Foam Mattresses | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress Pocketed Coil Innerspring Mattresses | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress

Pressure Points

Do your pressure points bother you? You may want to try:

  • A medium-level comfort (plush) type mattress. If you go too firm, there may not be enough give; too soft, there may not be enough support.
  • A memory foam or gel memory foam mattress.  Memory foam helps disperse the weight from pressure points because its conforming nature makes you feel as if you’re "sinking in" to the mattress
Plush Mattresses | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress Memory Foam Mattresses | Weekends Only Furniture and MattressGel Memory Foam Mattresses | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress

Sleep Temperature

If you frequently wake up from being too hot or too cold, consider what your mattress is made of.

If you sleep cold, look for a memory foam mattress. Traditional memory foam holds your body heat. However, no need to worry that you’ll burn up—modern memory foam won’t make you sweat like the memory foam used in mattresses a decade ago.

However, if you sleep hot, look for a mattress that has cooling technology:

  • Gel memory foam mattresses are one of the newest technologies, created for a different overall feel compared to just memory foam. Gel memory foam contains a mix of gel and foam that helps disperse heat and feels cool to the touch.
  • Latex foams are naturally hypoallergenic and breathable so they help with air flow, which helps regulate sleep temperature. Side note: Latex foams are safe for people with latex allergies because of a special washing process used before building the mattress.
Memory Foam Mattresses | Weekends Only Furniture and MattressGel Memory Foam Mattresses | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress Latex Mattresses | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress


Snoring is a common problem with several possible causes, so be sure to check with your doctor, but one common solution is an adjustable bed. By keeping the upper torso slightly elevated, your airways are less likely to be restricted. This can drastically reduce snoring.
Adjustable Bases | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress

What Keeps You Up at Night?

For more information on how to choose a new mattress, check out this article from WebMD®.
The Mattress Guide: What Keeps You Up at Night? | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress The Mattress Guide: What Keeps You Up at Night? | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress


Tags: N/A
Categories: Sleep Tips, 2017 Archive, Mattresses
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3 Questions Every Mattress Shopper Has
By Emily Render
1/25/2017 2:54:00 PM  

3 Questions Every Mattress Shopper Has | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress

Have you been putting off shopping for a new mattress? We know it can feel overwhelming to find just the right one, but as shoemaker John Wildsmith said, "You are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both." We're here to help with the mattress part! Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions from mattress shoppers.

1. Is a new mattress really worth the money?

Yes! Don’t underrate the power of a good mattress. According to WebMD:

  • Your mattress is very important to quality sleep
  • Quality sleep is crucial to our health and immune system, learning and memory, accident prevention, and safety
  • You should not keep a mattress longer than its lifespan

Keeping an old mattress for too long can actually lead to health issues like allergies. (You might not be the only living thing in your bed at night!) If you find yourself tossing and turning at night or if you can’t remember when you bought this mattress, it’s time to go shopping.

2. How can I find a good mattress for a good value?

We’ll let you in on a little secret: We don’t sell name-brand mattresses. Why? Because our mission is to save our customers money!

At many mattress retailers, the price of a mattress is determined not only by the cost of materials and labor, but also by advertising expenses. In addition, many brands have minimum pricing restrictions so retailers can’t sell them for prices lower than a minimum price set by the manufacturer. Retailers might offer other forms of compensation to offset the cost, but they won’t be able to beat their competitors on the actual price of the mattress. That can add a lot to the cost of a high-end, name-brand mattress!

When well-known mattress manufacturers started giving us minimum pricing restrictions, we went a different route to keep saving you money. Weekends Only now works directly with manufacturers like Sherwood and Restonic to match (or exceed) the quality of brand names without getting stuck with their prices. With us, you get the best sleep at the best price!

3. Can I really test out and lie down on the mattresses in the store?

Of course! And we have mattress specialists standing by to answer any questions you may have. Here are a few tips to make your experience even better:

  • We offer test pillows (with sanitary covers) so you can recreate how you sleep. Go ahead and grab as many pillows as you typically sleep with
  • Take your time. WebMD suggests resting on the mattress for as much as 20 minutes to test it out. You need to know what it would be like if the mattress were in your home, so please, make yourself at home!
  • Use the color code. When shopping at Weekends Only, you can find your mattress preferences by using our color code: Blue = Firm; Orange = Plush; Green = Ultra Plush
  • Try an adjustable base. Adjustable bases have additional benefits like helping alleviate snoring, sleep apnea, indigestion, and back pain
  • Relax and enjoy!

Weekends Only Furniture and MattressThe recipe for a good night’s sleep? A comfortable mattress at a price that won’t keep you up at night. You’ll find it at Weekends Only! Here are few mattresses to get your search started:

iR-13GL™ Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress

The iR-13GL™ Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress is made of gel memory foam and latex foam and compares to the Tempur-pedic Tempur-Cloud Elite mattress.

Broadway™ Ultra Plush Mattress | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress

The Broadway™ Ultra Plush Mattress is made of foam, latex, and pocketed coils and compares to the Sealy Posturepedic Cooper Mountain II mattress.

Melrose™ Firm Mattress | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress
The Melrose™ Firm Mattress is made of natural, soy-based foam and compares to the Hampton & Rhodes HR400 mattress.

Agility Plus™ Adjustable Base | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress
The Agility Plus™ Adjustable Base lets you adjust the angles of your head and feet while you lie in bed and compares to the Simmons Beautyrest Renew Adjustable Base.

What other questions do you have about finding a new mattress?

If you share in the comments below, we could address it in a future blog post! To read more on the topics we addressed here, here are the handy articles we referenced:

3 Questions Every Mattress Shopper Has | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress

  Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress


Tags: N/A
Categories: Sleep Tips, 2017 Archive, Mattresses
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Adjusting to Daylight Savings
By Monda Petrinelli
3/5/2015 1:52:00 PM  

Tips and advice for when you lose an hour of sleep from Daylight Savings

We are all pretty familiar with the 2 annual Daylight Savings adjustments.  In spring, we “Spring Forward” an hour, in fall we “Fall Back.”  The fall adjustment is my personal favorite, because we gain an extra hour of weekend. (Yay!)

For either change, although it’s only an hour (what’s the big deal?), it can take days and even weeks for your body to adjust to the change.  Here are a few tips for the days leading up to and after the switch to get you back into your rhythm:

  1. Chill out on your afternoon coffee.  For those of you that need that afternoon pick-me-up, try switching to decaf for a few days. Or, try another drink entirely—like ice water with a generous squeeze of lemon.
  2. Put your phone out of sight. If you must sleep with your phone near you, try putting it on the floor next to your bed, preferably on a rug (to muffle any vibration sounds). That extra reach for your phone might keep you snoozing a bit longer . It will also minimize disturbance from the light and sounds that come from notifications.
  3. Keep the lights low. That includes tablets, TVs, and ambient lighting.  Darkness encourages melatonin production, a hormone that triggers sleepiness. Less light = more melatonin = more zzzzz’s. 

Some of these may be difficult habits to break, but you should be able to manage for a few days until your body adjusts. 

For some more tips on preparing for Daylight Savings time change, check out this blog from our friends at Restonic®: http://www.restonic.com/blog/prepare-daylight-saving-time-change-1593.

Tags: Daylight Savings, sleep, clock, bed, night, spring forward, fall back, coffee
Categories: 2015 Archive, Sleep Tips
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