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Get Organized in 2015
By Taylor Blake
12/29/2014 3:00:00 PM  

Get Organized This Year With Tips From Weekends Only Furniture & Mattress

It’s the last week of the year, and ‘tis the season for resolutions.

Perhaps you’ve tried New Year’s resolutions before, such as living a healthier lifestyle, handling money more wisely, or reducing stress. But did you know there is another resolution that can help you with each of those?

Organization is that handy tool, although it often seems like a daunting task. If your goal for the year is to organize your home, be sure to conquer these familiar roadblocks.

Storage cabinets with baskets allow you to hide and organize clutter.Problem #1: You can’t organize when you don’t remember where anything is.

Mounds of papers cover your tabletops and your closets overflow because you keep anything that enters your door. Part of organization is choosing what deserves to own space in the place you call home. If you’re having trouble saying goodbye to certain items, reduce the clutter with these steps:

  1. Go through what you have and decide if each item has earned a spot in your life. Organization expert Liz Witts says, "If you need to spend more than 15 seconds thinking about what something is, or when you last used it, or why you even have it, then you probably don't need it." Pitch or donate anything you can’t give a good answer for, including things with sentimental value.
  2. Find a “home” for everything you keep (from phone chargers to healthy recipes you want to try) to avoid losing them to the black hole again.
  3. To prevent future buildup, consider a “One In/One Out” rule. For example, for every new sweater you buy, donate another to use the same amount of space in your closet.

Problem #2: Re-organizing seems like adding another full-time job.

Your biggest reason for not starting any major re-organizations is you can’t seem to find the time. Don’t pressure yourself to find domestic zen by January. Instead, divide the work into bite-size goals you can accomplish throughout the year. Rearrange the basement when you box up the Christmas tree in January, but wait until the weather warms up in April to tackle the garage. “Alphabetize the DVDs this afternoon,” sounds less scary than, “Re-organize every nook and cranny of the house this afternoon.”

Problem #3: A Netflix marathon (or really, anything else) sounds way more fun.

If you’re thinking this sounds like a good idea but also like many miserable afternoons ahead of you, remember the perks. Will cataloged drawers mean you won’t forget to pay the bills on time? Will you arrive at work sooner because you don’t need to search for your keys every morning? Will a better-designed bathroom prevent arguments with family members or roommates? If that’s not enough, create incentive. Find stylish baskets that make you want to store objects away or reward yourself with an evening off after completing your next benchmark.

Getting your home organized is a large task, but the rewards can be life-changing. If nothing else, think of how great it will be to start 2016 knowing where to find everything!

  Get Organized This Year With Tips From Weekends Only Furniture & Mattress Get Organized This Year With Tips From Weekends Only Furniture & Mattress

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We're Growing! Weekends Only Furniture Store Indianapolis, Indiana
By Monda Petrinelli
10/23/2014 1:43:00 PM  
Weekends Only Digital Rendering of Indianapolis Store

St. Louis Based Weekends Only Furniture Outlet Announces Market Expansion to Indianapolis, Indiana in May 2015


ST. LOUIS :: (October 23, 2014) :: For Immediate Release —Tom Phillips, CEO of St. Louis-based furniture store, Weekends Only Furniture Outlet announces a new location will open in the Castleton suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana in late Spring, 2015. The store will be located at 8315 Center Run Drive, in a former Burlington Coat Factory.  Construction will begin January, 2015 to prepare the 92,000 ft² space for opening.


"Opening a store outside the St. Louis market is a significant event in our 17 year history, and we are thrilled that Indianapolis will be our first,” said Tom Phillips, Chief Executive Officer, Weekends Only. “I am confident our concept will be well received in Indy, and I am even more confident in our people and our culture.  These are the real growth enablers at Weekends Only."


The intent to move out of market has been a key element to Weekends Only growth plan, and a long term focus of CEO, Tom Phillips and President, Lane Hamm.  Said Hamm, “I am ecstatic about the opportunity to open up our concept in the Indianapolis market.  It is gratifying to know our efforts will soon result in fulfilling our mission in Indianapolis to Save our Customers Money.”


It is unclear how Indianapolis customers will accept the limited Friday through Sunday “only” shopping hours and everyday low pricing strategy. Other furniture stores in the market like Kittle’s, The RoomPlace and Value City Furniture are open all week and offer a variety of sales, coupons and limited-time promotions to stimulate store traffic.  The in-store set up is also quite different. Weekends Only combines like-pieces together, eschewing the traditional store set up of merchandised “rooms” which may not appeal to customers with this shopping preference.


The company is considering a second location in Indianapolis, as well as other markets that could be serviced by the St. Louis distribution center. 


Weekends Only plans to relocate key management from St. Louis to help embed the values-based culture in the new market.  The new store will create up to 40 new jobs for the area and recruiting is already underway.


Jane Roberts, VP of Merchandising shared her excitement about the announcement. “We are thrilled to be taking the next step toward achieving our vision of becoming a Top 50 Furniture retailer. We offer closeouts, brand names and a thrill of the hunt consumer shopping experience. We are passionate about saving our customers money and luckily for us, there are consumers everywhere that want to save money.”


For information about hiring for the new location, visit www.weekendsonly.com/employment, or call 314-447-1500.




About Weekends Only Furniture Outlet


Founded in 1997, Weekends Only Furniture Outlet has become a leading furniture retailer in St. Louis. The company’s concept is unique—only open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to save customers money while offering special buys and truckload purchases. Weekends Only has grown to include five locations in the St. Louis area, including West County, Bridgeton, Fairview Heights, Mid Rivers and South County, an ecommerce online store, and out-of-market expansion planned into Indianapolis in 2015.   More people shop Weekends Only than any other home furnishings store in St. Louis. The company’s corporate office is located in Webster Groves, MO. For more information about Weekends Only, please call 314-447-1552 or visit www.weekendsonly.com.



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Host an Epic Bridal Shower with this Gift
By Ashley
6/3/2014 2:22:00 PM  

Are you hosting any bridal showers this wedding season or maybe you know someone who is? Here’s a really great way to give the bride & groom a gift from the whole group that they won’t soon forget.

Wine Racks Make a Great Bridal Shower GiftStep 1: On the invitation add a request that every guest bring one bottle of wine with them to the shower. (Depending on space, you could include the Bride and Groom's preferred vino.)

Step 2: As the host, you need to purchase a super cute wine rack. The size you will need will depend on how many guests that have RSVP’d. (Be sure to keep in mind the bride’s style when it comes to home decor!)

Step 3:
Make a super cute sign to sit on top of or near the wine rack for the day of the shower. Something like the sign below would work great! It would be a good idea to incorporate the wedding colors into the sign, for an added personal touch.
Wine Racks Make a Great Bridal Shower Gift

Step 4: Present her new wine collection to the Bride during the opening of presents. Be sure to let her know it's a gift from the entire group. Bringing together everyone whether they just met for the first time recently or they've known each other for years.

Step 5: Relish in the fact that you are AWESOME & no matter what she receives, this will be the bride’s most precious gift that day, not to mention her most used!

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Weekends Only Furniture Outlet Partners with ValleyPalooza Organization
By Ann
5/28/2014 12:52:00 PM  

ST. LOUIS (May 28, 2014) —St. Louis-based furniture store, Weekends Only Furniture Outlet has partnered with the ValleyPalooza Organization to help turn a family’s hope for one day living in their dream home, into a reality. The Hilderbrand's move-in date is this weekend, with an unveiling sure to make this the best three days for three very special residents of the Valley Park neighborhood.

In a few short days, Gail Hilderbrand, her son Jason and her elderly mother will move into their newly re-built home, custom-designed with comfort in mind for Jason’s special needs. After three long years and two attempts at a renovation, Gail and her family will be receiving a homecoming complete with gifts poured out from friends, neighbors, countless volunteers from ValleyPalooza, and the helping hands of the home furnishings experts at Weekends Only.

 “My heart was so deeply touched after reading about the Hilderbrand family and their urgent need for help, we made a decision to donate a houseful of furniture,” said Tom Phillips, Chief Executive Officer, Weekends Only. “It has taken a while to get to this point because everything had to be re-done, but the wait is nearly over. With the help of everyone involved, it will all come together soon.”

Hilderbrand and her young adult son, Jason, who has severe cerebral palsy, have suffered setbacks over the past three years. Vandals set fire to their home a year-and-a half ago after the initial renovation was nearly complete. The full-scale re-build of the Hilderbrand home today is designed to finally give the family a better quality of life.

“Our goal was to give Gail and her family the things they like to look at,” says Phillips. “With a complete rebuilding of the house to suit their needs, we can give more than necessities. We can give their house character and make it a place that they’re proud to call home.”

Weekends Only Provides the Comforts of Home

Weekends Only developed a wish list of things to fill the Hilderbrand home. They will complete the design concept on Friday, May 30th, when their team arrives to set-up and display functional quality furniture combined with aesthetically pleasing pieces and accessories. Items donated include the essential, foundational pieces such as: a coffee table, sofa, recliner, bar stools and beds for two bedrooms.

The experts from Weekends Only will pull together a home makeover that adds warmth and color with complementary accent rugs, lamps and wall art. Key pieces for comfort to help make it look and feel like a home include a leather sofa, oversized recliner and of course, frames for family photos. The big reveal by Weekends Only is scheduled at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, May 30th, at the Hilderbrand home located at 631 Benton Street in Valley Park.

“Every part of their new home has been accomplished by donations and volunteer work,” says Jenn Vanelli, Co-Founder, ValleyPalooza Organization, Inc. “Home should always be our sanctuary and this one truly will be,” said Denny McGrath of Last Mile Home Delivery. “Last Mile Home is glad to play a small role in helping with this effort that is for some very worthy people.”


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Real World Business Partners with UrbanFUTURE
By John
5/27/2014 9:44:00 AM  

Mentor of the year - Jared VonOehsen - Weekends Only HR Services SupervisorWe are “Real World Business Partners” with UrbanFUTURE because of the importance of their mission to the City of St. Louis, and especially to the middle school students in our urban core whom they serve. Many people don’t realize that over 50% of urban children drop out of school before graduation. Growing up in poverty often causes them to lose hope that the American Dream is truly meant for them. They don’t always have ready role models or opportunities to experience what is truly possible if they stay in school – a job, a family, economic security, pursuing a dream… these seem out of reach in a public school system struggling to provide the classroom basics, much less the enrichment opportunities that help kids decide to pursue an education, career, etc. It is during middle school when we can truly make a difference and support them to stay the course to graduate!

Weekends Only is able to help bring these enrichment programs – and hope – back into the lives of these urban kids by partnering with UF so they understand there is a community around them that cares, wants them to succeed, and will help them do so! Our employees help as mentors, classroom speakers, urban gardeners, and fundraisers for these programs - like a summer visit to Washington D.C to learn about our government; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs such as the recent U.S. Navy Blue Angels "Night Under the Stars" at the Saint Louis Science Center Planetarium; and the Missouri SuperMileage engineering challenge through Ranken Technical Institute. And, our employees get so much back from helping as well!

Partnering with UrbanFUTURE is a great way for any company who wants to help create a brighter future for St. Louis, and help these awesome kids restore their path to the future! I’d be happy to talk with others who are interested to learn how they or their company can help.

Contact: John Wennemann, Director of Human Resources
314-447-1510 or jwennemann@weekendsonly.com

Pictured above: Jared VonOehsen, Weekends Only HR Services Supervisor (holding award) with his student mentee, Hubert and UF CEO Frank VanBree – Jared was recognized as 2014 UrbanFUTURE Mentor of the Year at Busch Middle School!

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3 Easy Ways to Punch Up Your Summer Style
By Ashley
5/13/2014 11:38:00 AM  

This is the perfect time of year to punch up your home’s style and we’re here to help while also keeping your budget in mind.

1. Add a new rug.

Adding a new rug can completely transform a space. Rather than cluttering your space it defines it & boy, do we have a lot of options available for your defining moment! Often when I start sifting through different rug options I am surprised by the price tags and can't help but think "buy a new rug this month or make my car payment?" - well that's ridiculous! Instead, I want options: style, price, and size options. Below, I've outlined a few favorites from the lineup available at Weekends Only. With great syles at these price points, you can take home a new rug you'll love AND keep your car.

Under $100 - Rivera Outdoor Rug Under $200 - Bliss Area Rug Under $300 - Florentine Area Rug

2. Change out your sofa pillows.

This is one of the least expensive ways to update your style, which is definitely what makes it my favorite. Do you change your mind? Do you see a great new style on Pinterest and then all of a sudden get an image in your head of how you can make that happen in your own home? The struggle is real. Often I’m challenged to freshen up my space using what I already have or with a limited budget and accent pillows are my go-to move. They are inexpensive, which means I can change my mind twice in one season, freshen up my style and still not break the bank!

We have so many cute ones to choose from right now, it’s going to be tough so I’ll stick to two color pallets, blue & orange, and give you my top 4!

Super cute Very Cute Extra cute And CUTE!