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Weekends Only Furniture Outlet Partners with ValleyPalooza Organization
By Ann
5/28/2014 12:52:00 PM

ST. LOUIS (May 28, 2014) —St. Louis-based furniture store, Weekends Only Furniture Outlet has partnered with the ValleyPalooza Organization to help turn a family’s hope for one day living in their dream home, into a reality. The Hilderbrand's move-in date is this weekend, with an unveiling sure to make this the best three days for three very special residents of the Valley Park neighborhood.

In a few short days, Gail Hilderbrand, her son Jason and her elderly mother will move into their newly re-built home, custom-designed with comfort in mind for Jason’s special needs. After three long years and two attempts at a renovation, Gail and her family will be receiving a homecoming complete with gifts poured out from friends, neighbors, countless volunteers from ValleyPalooza, and the helping hands of the home furnishings experts at Weekends Only.

 “My heart was so deeply touched after reading about the Hilderbrand family and their urgent need for help, we made a decision to donate a houseful of furniture,” said Tom Phillips, Chief Executive Officer, Weekends Only. “It has taken a while to get to this point because everything had to be re-done, but the wait is nearly over. With the help of everyone involved, it will all come together soon.”

Hilderbrand and her young adult son, Jason, who has severe cerebral palsy, have suffered setbacks over the past three years. Vandals set fire to their home a year-and-a half ago after the initial renovation was nearly complete. The full-scale re-build of the Hilderbrand home today is designed to finally give the family a better quality of life.

“Our goal was to give Gail and her family the things they like to look at,” says Phillips. “With a complete rebuilding of the house to suit their needs, we can give more than necessities. We can give their house character and make it a place that they’re proud to call home.”

Weekends Only Provides the Comforts of Home

Weekends Only developed a wish list of things to fill the Hilderbrand home. They will complete the design concept on Friday, May 30th, when their team arrives to set-up and display functional quality furniture combined with aesthetically pleasing pieces and accessories. Items donated include the essential, foundational pieces such as: a coffee table, sofa, recliner, bar stools and beds for two bedrooms.

The experts from Weekends Only will pull together a home makeover that adds warmth and color with complementary accent rugs, lamps and wall art. Key pieces for comfort to help make it look and feel like a home include a leather sofa, oversized recliner and of course, frames for family photos. The big reveal by Weekends Only is scheduled at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, May 30th, at the Hilderbrand home located at 631 Benton Street in Valley Park.

“Every part of their new home has been accomplished by donations and volunteer work,” says Jenn Vanelli, Co-Founder, ValleyPalooza Organization, Inc. “Home should always be our sanctuary and this one truly will be,” said Denny McGrath of Last Mile Home Delivery. “Last Mile Home is glad to play a small role in helping with this effort that is for some very worthy people.”


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On Thursday, May 29, 2014 Heidi wrote:

It's so encouraging to hear about businesses being so touched that they decide donate their merchandise. I can't wait to see the reveal, I know it will be beautiful. I definitely know where I'm shopping for furniture from now on. Way to go, Weekends Only for being so generous!

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