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Home > Weekends Only Furniture Blog > Mad Men Style: Bring the Don Draper Look Home

Weekends Only Furniture Blog

Mad Men Style: Bring the Don Draper Look Home
By Taylor Blake
5/18/2015 11:02:00 AM

On Sunday, we said goodbye to Mad Men, one of the greatest TV shows yet. In addition to the talented performances and the twists and turns in Don Draper’s life, we loved watching the chic, ever-changing sets. We fell in love with the colonial-inspired home Don shared with Betty; we were crazy for the pop art and graphic furniture in the Madison Avenue offices; and we couldn’t get enough of the bohemian influences in Megan’s apartment.

Needless to say, the Mid-Century Modern era included quite a few stylish looks for the home. It’s no wonder the TV show inspired a resurgence of these styles in today’s furniture and decor.

If you’re like us and sad to see Don Draper & Co. retire from the small screen, the only cure we can recommend is the next best thing: recreating the look in your own home. Here are a few pieces to get your collection started. (For even more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board devoted entirely to these Mid-Century Modern styles: Mad Men Style.)
Mad Men Style

Floor lamp



White home accessory

Silver home accessory

Madmen 7 Pc Dining Set

Soho Credenza

Dalyn Mirror

Tags: Mad Men, Furniture, Mid-Century Modern, Mid-Century, Modern
Categories: Home Decor & Design, 2015 Archive
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