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Weekends Only Furniture Blog

Adjusting to Daylight Savings
By Monda Petrinelli
3/5/2015 1:52:00 PM

Tips and advice for when you lose an hour of sleep from Daylight Savings

We are all pretty familiar with the 2 annual Daylight Savings adjustments.  In spring, we “Spring Forward” an hour, in fall we “Fall Back.”  The fall adjustment is my personal favorite, because we gain an extra hour of weekend. (Yay!)

For either change, although it’s only an hour (what’s the big deal?), it can take days and even weeks for your body to adjust to the change.  Here are a few tips for the days leading up to and after the switch to get you back into your rhythm:

  1. Chill out on your afternoon coffee.  For those of you that need that afternoon pick-me-up, try switching to decaf for a few days. Or, try another drink entirely—like ice water with a generous squeeze of lemon.
  2. Put your phone out of sight. If you must sleep with your phone near you, try putting it on the floor next to your bed, preferably on a rug (to muffle any vibration sounds). That extra reach for your phone might keep you snoozing a bit longer . It will also minimize disturbance from the light and sounds that come from notifications.
  3. Keep the lights low. That includes tablets, TVs, and ambient lighting.  Darkness encourages melatonin production, a hormone that triggers sleepiness. Less light = more melatonin = more zzzzz’s. 

Some of these may be difficult habits to break, but you should be able to manage for a few days until your body adjusts. 

For some more tips on preparing for Daylight Savings time change, check out this blog from our friends at Restonic®: http://www.restonic.com/blog/prepare-daylight-saving-time-change-1593.

Tags: Daylight Savings, sleep, clock, bed, night, spring forward, fall back, coffee
Categories: 2015 Archive, Sleep Tips
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