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10/14/2016 5:13:00 PM  

Picking out a brand new dining set can feel like a chore, but it doesn’t have to. Whether you know exactly what style is just right for you or if you have no idea what suits your fancy, let us help you in your search for your perfect match.

Traditional Dining Style

Renaissance 9 Piece Traditional Dining Set with 2 Arm ChairsTraditional style dining sets are modern-made reflections of past classic styles. You can call it antique or vintage-inspired, but here are some key things to look for:

Artistic details: Think intricate designs in the seat back and details on the table edges

Darker metals: The metal shouldn’t so shiny you can see your reflection. Traditional style calls for darker metals that are textured or appear tarnished.

Dark wood tones: The richer the better.

Classic patterns: Florals and paisleys are winners.

Whatever blast-from-the-past set catches your eye, you can never go wrong choosing traditional furniture because it looks timeless.

Bonus detail: Since traditional style is one of comfort and familiarity, you’ll hardly ever see a traditional piece of furniture with sharp angles and edges.
Ashley Glambrey 5 Piece Traditional Dining Set

Rustic Dining Style

Ashley Tamilo 7 Piece Rustic Distressed Dining SetRustic style furniture celebrates the simple life with raw, weathered materials. It’s anything but predictable, and it’s always warm, earthy, and welcoming. Here are the basics to this style:

Unfinished and rough wood: Rustic represents a connection to nature. If you see a dining set that echoes rugged branches, you’re on the right track.

Textured fabrics and details: Linen and microfiber add a cozy feel to seating, while nailhead trim modernizes the look of aged wood.

Painted finishes: A distressed paint color (like the blue in the Mestler set below) is a bright twist on the farmhouse loo

Rustic is its own kind of classic, and a huge part of the rustic style comes from the country ideal. Look for weathered woods and sturdy, textured fabrics when shopping for your rustic dining set, and you’ll be well on your way to incorporating the beautiful elements of nature into your dining area.

Ashley Mestler Weathered Blue 7 Piece Dining Set

Modern Dining Style

Manchester 7 Piece Counter Height SetMost furniture we call modern style is mid-century modern. If you’re looking for this style, here’s what you need to look out for:

Opposites Attract: Look out for neutral solid colors paired with bold hues and graphic patterns.

Keep it Simple: A classic and sleek silhouette highlights the woodwork, glass, and/or leather upholstery.

Mid-Century Meets the Present: Don’t want to go too retro? You’ll often find contemporary twists on the 1940’s-1970’s style.

All About the Angles: Geometric shapes and angles pair well with slight curves.

Remember to pay close attention to distinguishing details, and your dining room will be fit for Mad Men in no time flat.

Madison 7 Piece Rectangle Glass Top Table

Casual Dining Sets

X Factor 7 Piece Dining SetCasual dining is styled the way it sounds: it’s all about comfort and convenience. Here are some of the key things to keep your eye out for:

Easy-Going: Cushy chairs and an easy-to-clean table top are must-haves.

Warm: Colors play a huge part in, but remember not all of your wood tones have to be light. Warmth is something you feel, and you’ll know it when you see it.

Intimate: Closeness is also a key factor in casual dining because it creates conversation. Round table sets keep everyone cozy during a meal and invite a round of cards after dinner.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that it’s all about the atmosphere. Don’t sweat it! After all, casual is ultimately about your comfort zone.

Ashley Charrell Red Faux Leather 5 Piece Dining Set

Mix-and-Match Dining Sets

This style is literally all in the name.

Push and Pull: Take your favorite chairs from one set that you love and pair it with a table from another set.

Don’t Be Afraid: Mixing traditional and modern styles might seem a little crazy, but you never know if you like it till you try it.

Express Yourself: This applies to all styles, and for every little thing in your home.

What is your favorite style of dining? Share in the comments below!


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3/8/2016 3:52:00 PM  

Weekends Only Furniture & Mattress Distribution Center

Kadean Finishes Its Third Building in Aviator Business Park on the Site of the Former Ford Motor Plant

, March 11, 2016 – Nearly 10 years to the day, when the last Ford Explorer rolled off the assembly line in Hazelwood, Fenton-based Kadean Construction has completed Aviator 7, a 535,500 square foot light industrial facility for Panattoni Development.

Aviator 7 is one of six massive buildings planned for the expansive Aviator Business Park, located in Hazelwood, MO, about a mile north of Lambert-St. Louis International, on the site of the old Ford Motor Co. plant that closed on March 8, 2006. Another half-dozen smaller commercial facilities also will be located in the business park, which covers 155 acres.

“In working with Panattoni Development, we constructed Aviator 7, which is ideal for light industrial and commercial use,” said John Piedimonte, vice president of Kadean Construction. “We’re very proud of the quality and workmanship that went into this tremendous building, which has 12.3 acres under one roof.”

Aviator 7’s first tenant is Chesterfield-based Silgan Plastics, which leases 327,750 sq. ft. for production, warehousing and mechanical space, and another 7,500 sq. ft. area for a quality control lab, offices, training and conference rooms, a cafeteria, and other uses. Silgan’s portion of the building also has six hydraulic docks (leveler systems) and seven standard docks.

Silgan Plastics is a leading manufacturer of plastic containers in North America for a variety of industries, including personal care, food, health care, household, and industrial chemical sectors.

It leases nearly two-thirds of Aviator 7, and eventually plans to employ as many as 120 men and women at the facility, said Silgan Plastics President Jay Martin.

In late January, St. Louis-based Weekends Only Furniture & Mattress also opened a huge distribution center in an adjoining 133,500 sq. ft. space with 40-foot ceilings and 22 loading docks.

It will serve as the main distribution center for Weekends Only’s five stores in the greater St. Louis area and another in Indianapolis, said Dionne Dumitru, the company’s chief operating officer.

“When the new offices are completed, our Distribution Center will support over 60 employees in warehouse distribution, home delivery, call center and furniture repair functions,” she said. “We took this opportunity to bring all of our supply chain and service operations into a single facility, so that we will be able to meet our customers’ needs seamlessly while saving them money – which is our company’s mission.”

The new distribution center will be used to keep the Weekends Only stores fully stocked with a wide array of furniture for retail sales. Customers also will be able to pick-up purchased furniture at the Aviator 7 building, if a local store is out of a specific item.

The company also has moved its Repair Center to the new facility and plans to relocate its Quality Care Center to the Hazelwood facility later this month after completing construction on adjoining offices. Both operations have been based in nearby Bridgeton.

Privately-owned International Food Products was the first tenant in the business park, and occupies a 227,500 square foot production facility also built by Kadean Construction, adjacent to Aviator 7.

With operations throughout the United States, IFP manufactures custom formulations for the food, beverage and dairy industries throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

“Panattoni Development has done a great job with this site, and we’re excited about the future of Aviator Business Park, where we’ve now built Aviator 3, 4, and 7,” Eveler said. “But, we construct more than quality buildings.

“We enable jobs to flourish and dreams to come alive, and that’s our goal. We want our customers and their tenants to succeed and to make a real difference, and we see it happening here,” he said.

Kadean Construction is an award-winning, St. Louis-area based construction company that specializes in pre-construction, design-build, construction management, and general contracting at the regional national level. Kadean has more than $60 million in construction projects underway in the St. Louis market, in major cities throughout the Midwest, and across the country, including state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, commercial, and light industrial buildings.

# # #

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact Thomas D. Pagano, tompagano@mostrat.com, 314.602.7549

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2/15/2016 2:30:00 PM  

Weekends Only Distribution Center

Hazelwood, Mo. — Weekends Only opened its new 133,500-square-foot distribution center on Jan. 22, a $3 million project that will increase storage space, improve customer deliveries and pickups, and support future expansion of the Top 100 company.

“As we grow our retail and e-commerce business to become a top 50 furniture retailer in the country, we needed a distribution center that could support rapid growth,” Weekends Only COO Dionne Dumitru said.

Dumitru calls the distribution center the “heart of the business,” where product circulation begins and where it ends with delivery of in-store and e-commerce purchases. When the heart is strong, it strengthens the business as a whole, and when it struggles, the rest of the business struggles, too.

The new distribution center replaces a 75,000-square-foot facility the company has used since 2002. For several years, it struggled to hold product levels needed for peak times, especially after the company opened a new store in Castleton, Ind., in May 2015. During those times, the Castleton store and five St. Louis, Mo., stores took on the extra storage burden despite their own limited space. In addition, too few dock doors and an insufficient customer delivery area led to costly inefficiencies.

In 2014, Dumitru, along with Distribution Center Manager Kurt Eller and the company’s Executive Team, decided it was time to move to a new facility. In August, founder and CEO Tom Phillips started a search for a new property that would support the expanding business’s needs. Conveniently enough, the perfect spot was found just a 5-minute drive from the existing center, a location that would keep highways accessible without changing any the staff’s commute.

Construction began in Dec. 2014 with Kadean Construction Company. By the end of Oct. 2015, the building was ready to begin the 9-week process of receiving 12,000 cartons from the old distribution center on top of scheduled deliveries of new product.

In a move to save $400,000, the team decided to transfer existing racking instead of investing in new. This, however, added an unexpected challenge: they underestimated the area needed to disassemble and reassemble the equipment in two distribution centers still open for business. Dumitru and Eller acknowledged it made the process more “complex,” but with crews working around the clock, the changeover met its deadline.

The final setup of the new location featured racking 4 feet higher, which contributed to the 84% more storage capacity and doubled operation space. It also doubled the number of dock doors to 22 to speed up deliveries in and out of the building.

The new Weekends Only Distribution Center opened for customer furniture pickups on Jan. 22, with what Dumitru calls a “proper customer pickup environment.” Previously, customers picked up furniture at the dock doors designed for semi-trailer trucks. The new area sits at ground level in front of a convenient traffic lane just for customers. The improved flow will allow more customers to pick up furniture the same day they purchase.

Weekends Only also transferred its Repair Center to the facility and plans to move its Quality Care Center there in March after completing construction on adjoining offices. This will move both services out of the back of their store in Bridgeton, Mo.

“We expect a lot of efficiencies with all of our after-sale services being in one place,” Dumitru said. She is confident the investment into the heart of the business will strengthen and support the company. “The way we managed the transition was true to our mission and values: to save customers money using great teamwork and high performance. This was frankly much harder, but we embrace challenges, and I’m so proud of the team’s accomplishments. We are ready to grow.”

The new distribution center will be open to visitors for an open house on April 7.

# # #

About Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress

Founded in 1997, Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress has become a leading furniture retailer in St. Louis. The company’s concept is unique—only open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to save customers money while offering special buys and truckload purchases. Weekends Only has grown to include five locations in the St. Louis area, including West County, Bridgeton, Fairview Heights, Mid Rivers and South County, an e-commerce online store, and a new Indianapolis location that opened May 2015.  More people shop Weekends Only than any other home furnishings store in St. Louis. The company’s corporate office is located in Webster Groves, MO. For more information about Weekends Only, please call 314-447-1500 or visit http://www.weekendsonly.com.

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11/8/2015 4:55:00 PM  

It's the time of the year for our United Way fundraising campaign.

Why do we support the United Way? 

  • Each of us are blessed and this charity provides an avenue for each of us to acknowledge our blessings and to give back. 
  • This campaign provides us with an opportunity to join hands with other individuals and companies across both the St. Louis and Indianapolis markets and behave as a citizen in the communities in which we live.

What I would like to achieve:

  • Achieve our fund-raising goals for the betterment of our communities.
  • Recognize our blessings and express gratitude for them.
  • Instill in each of us an awareness that our community extends beyond those we know and that each of us can make a difference in the lives we touch.

Our campaign has kicked off at each of our locations with the support of United Way Champions who have stepped up to lead our efforts in this important event. 

A special thank you to these people.  I sincerely appreciate your leadership.

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11/3/2015 3:43:00 PM  
A St. Louis family got the surprise of a lifetime when they found out their Habit for Humanity house had been transformed into a home with the help of Weekends Only.

Latasha was told that she was going through the final inspection, but we surprised her with a completely furnished home. Not surprisingly, there wasn't a dry eye in the house!

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10/9/2015 9:40:00 AM  

Trend Watch: Rustic Industrial Style

Old meets new. Traditional meets modern. Natural meets man-made. Rustic Industrial style is a mix and match look if there ever was one. You’ve probably seen it creeping up in your Pinterest feed. You know—the dining rooms with weathered wood tables and vintage light bulb chandeliers, and the living rooms with exposed brick and leather seating? Since more than 370,000 results pop up when you search the term on Pinterest, you’ve almost certainly seen it if you’ve ever browsed some home decor boards!

Rustic Industrial style takes cues from both the rural and urban worlds, using elements like wood furniture (which look great in traditional home designs) and metal finishes (which feel right at home with modern designs). Because of the mix of influences, it works well in many different styles and sizes of homes, as well as many different design tastes. (Other ways you might see it described are rustic modern, farmhouse chic, or reclaimed.) If you already love outdoorsy simplicity or bold modern trends, you might consider blending them!

Pique your interest? Here are some ways to begin building this look in your own space.

  1. Look for these materials: Wood, metal, stone, glass, brick, and natural-looking textiles (like wool, burlap, linen, and leather).
  2. Look for these details: Nailhead trim, exposed screws, metal hardware, reclaimed or distressed wood that retains the grain’s texture, earth tones, a mix of dark and light tones, natural and geometric patterns, and sharp angles.
  3. Don’t be afraid to mix and match: Rustic Industrial’s trademark is the mix of different influences, materials, and textures, which means there isn’t just one right way to do it. A wood chair might bring the Rustic look, while a metal table brings the Industrial side. When placed together, they create one cohesive look.
  4. Find pieces you love: This should always be a rule for your home! The new decor will look like it was put together with ease if it reflects the people who live there.

While you can have a lot of DIY fun with this look, ready-made pieces can come in the thousands-of-dollars range at retailers like Restoration Hardware. If you don’t have the time or the budget to make either of those happen, though, Weekends Only can help kickstart your redecorating!

Take a look at these Rustic Industrial room groups for some inspiration (items not to scale):

Rustic Industrial Living Room

Rustic Industrial Dining Room

Find more inspiration:
If these designs are speaking to you, our Rustic Industrial Style Pinterest board features tons of pieces and styling tips that fit with this outdoors-meets-indoors decor. Time to get pinning!

Trend Watch: Rustic Industrial Style. Try these tips for creating the Rustic Industrial look in your home. | Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress

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8/26/2015 6:38:00 PM  

ST. LOUIS, MO (August 24, 2015) — Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress has announced a permanent break from furniture industry tradition and switched its sales staff to a non-commission pay system August 14. This conversion aligns with the Weekends Only culture of providing a unique shopping experience: one dedicated to nothing but the best interest of customers.

The Weekends Only mission is to save customers money and the sales staff has always been trained to take personal responsibility for meeting customer needs.

"By switching to non-commission, it allows customers to feel even more confident that the Weekends Only sales staff is helping them find the best solutions for their needs," said Weekends Only President Lane Hamm. "We listen and are only interested in helping customers find the furniture that meets their needs. Nothing more, nothing less."

The decision to switch to a non-commission system has been in development for three years. The change was supported by customer research that consistently showed customers like a friendly and low-pressure sales approach. 

The non-commission system was tested for the past year at the company’s Fairview Heights, Ill. location. The store noticed an immediate change in customer interactions once customers were informed that the sales staff had one objective with each recommendation in mind: ensuring the satisfaction of the shopper.

Director of Human Resources John Wennemann said the non-commission system also creates a better working environment for employees. Using sales data, the company created a formula to calculate hourly wages to ensure, over the long haul, employees would be earning comparable income under the new system. The response from managers and sales staff has been consistently positive.

Pay starts at $11.50 per hour for a Home Furnishings Assistant. Based on their ability to match furniture with the customer’s needs, the employee can be promoted to Home Furnishings Advisor and, subsequently, Home Furnishings Consultant where pay can reach as high as $24 per hour.

"We provide a living wage, with the opportunity to grow your pay based on performance, and a predictable income without a conflict of interest in selling," Wennemann said. "It’s better for our customers and our employees."

Hamm added: "By committing to a living wage, rather than a commission that can vary from week to week, our sales associates have a more reliable income all through the year. This improves stability for households, allows for better planning and reduces anxiety for employees who are the primary breadwinners for their families."

Weekends Only believes happy employees can better serve happy customers.

"My vision is that Weekends Only serves as an agent for human happiness – for our associates, our customers and the community," adds Weekends Only CEO Tom Phillips. "I believe that engaged associates create engaged customers. Our unique culture is helping us create a sustainable organization of value, an enduring corporation that makes the world a better place."

Weekends Only has five locations in the St. Louis area and recently opened its first location in Indianapolis.  The retailer is currently hiring in both St. Louis and Indiana.

# # #

About Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress

Founded in 1997, Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress has become a leading furniture retailer in St. Louis. The company’s concept is unique—only open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to save customers money while offering special buys and truckload purchases. Weekends Only has grown to include five locations in the St. Louis area, including West County, Bridgeton, Fairview Heights, Mid Rivers and South County, an e-commerce online store, and a new Indianapolis location that opened May 2015.  More people shop Weekends Only than any other home furnishings store in St. Louis. The company’s corporate office is located in Webster Groves, MO. For more information about Weekends Only, please call 314-447-1552 or visit http://www.weekendsonly.com.

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6/15/2015 4:53:00 PM  

Find the best gifts for best guy (Dad, Grandpa, your Favorite Fella) from Weekends Only
We're counting down the days to Father's Day! If you're still looking for just the right gift for Dad, Grandpa, or your favorite fella, there's something for everyone. Whether he catches every game of the NBA Finals, splurges on the latest home theater sound system, works hard at home, loves to fire up the grill, or makes any combination of those his favorite pastimes, we've got you covered. And if you're short on shopping time, we've also got a list of items that are easy to tote home and hide until it's time to open gifts.

Help Dad Score the Best Seats for the Big Game

Create Dad's Home Theater Experience

Help Dad Refresh His Home Office

Treat the World's Greatest BBQ Host

Grab-and-Go Gifts That Will Fit in the Car

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6/8/2015 2:17:00 PM  
Monda's Story of Transforming from a Weekends Only Shopper to a Weekends Only Employee

I was a long-time Weekends Only shopper, even before I bought any furniture. I loved the openness of the store. It felt friendly, and I liked the no-pressure sales environment. My husband and I would stop by often after a movie to check out what was new in the store. On one of these visits, we found a huge, super comfy sectional at a crazy good price—and it was the last one in the store! We knew if we didn't grab it then, it would probably be gone the next time we came in. We bought the sectional, and it was delivered to our house the very next day with a new storage ottoman. Since then, we have loved snuggling up on our favorite sectional every weekend to catch up on our favorite TV shows. Even our dog Fergie loves it!

A year or so later, a recruiter called me out of the blue looking for a new Senior Marketing Manager at Weekends Only. I had just finished reading what is now one of my favorite books: Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos. In the book, Hsieh describes how important and transformative it is for a business to choose and live by a set of core values. When I researched Weekends Only, I found they had a set of core values and a mission statement that drove their business. It was fate! I knew in my gut this was going to be my new job.

I just celebrated my 3-year anniversary with Weekends Only, and I love it more now than when I started. It's the perfect place for me to grow personally and professionally. There's a company-wide focus on mentoring and development. The people here are nice, and we all operate as a real team. The core values are real, too—they are not just a set of words on a wall. (Although you can see them on the wall as soon as you walk into the corporate office!) We actually live and align our business by them, and I'm proud to be part of a company and a culture that makes that a priority.

Weekends Only holds to the core values of Responsibility, Teamwork, Performance, Growth, Honesty, and Commitment. Learn more about the Weekends Only Mission, Values, and Culture.

Weekends Only is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity in our employees. Learn more about and apply for Careers & Jobs with Weekends Only.

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6/1/2015 5:00:00 PM  
Weekends Only Castleton Ribbon Cutting

Front Row: (Weekends Only Pictured left to right) Dave Phillips, John Wennemann, Jane Roberts, Lane Hamm, State Senator James Merritt, Tom Phillips, Peggy Phillips, Dionne Dumitru, Mike Rose, and Monda Petrinelli
Back Row: (Weekends Only Pictured left to right) Allen Carter, Angie Taylor, Chad Janson, Dan Ashurt, Karen Phillips, David Gerdt, Kyle Carter, and Chad Bates

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (May 15, 2015) – The savings are on. Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress officially opened the doors of it first Indiana location this morning and welcomed Indy shoppers to experience a new way to buy furniture.

“This great city has all the right ingredients for us to be successful. The best part is the people of Indianapolis. You're our kind of people,” said CEO Tom Phillips prior to cutting the ribbon. “You never know what you're going to find at a Weekends Only store, but what you do know, is you'll find it at the best price. We love our customers. We are looking for people who want to grow with us, personally and professionally. We will dedicate ourselves to earning your trust and keeping it. We want Indy to be our town, too.”

Phillips also revealed that he is looking to open a second Weekends Only location in Indy next year.

Joining Phillips in officially opening the store was State Senator James Merritt (R-Indianapolis).

We hope Weekends Only is going to be here for a long time,” he said. “It seems like it's a friendly, homey type of company, and thus exactly what Castleton and Indianapolis needs.”

Weekends Only is located at 8315 Center Run Drive, the site of the former Burlington Coat Factory. Shoppers got a sneak peek this weekend before the grand opening on May 22.

As its name suggest, Weekends Only is only open Friday through Sunday. The limited shopping hours allow the company to pass significant savings on brand name furniture to their customers.

The concept has excelled in St. Louis. Weekends Only opened its first store in 1997 and expanded to five in less than a decade. In 2006, the company began to think about expanding to another city, but the question was where? It didn’t take long before Phillips decided Indianapolis was a good fit.

Also on hand were members of the OneZone Chamber of Commerce, who represent businesses in the Carmel and Fishers communities.

“We are so pleased to have you right on our doorstep,” said Chamber President Mo Merhoff. “The entrepreneurial spirit of a company like Weekends Only is exactly what we were looking for in central Indiana. Everyone who comes in to your door is welcome.”


About Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress

Founded in 1997, Weekends Only Furniture and Mattress has become a leading furniture retailer in St. Louis. The company’s concept is unique—only open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to save customers money while offering special buys and truckload purchases. Weekends Only has grown to include five locations in the St. Louis area, including West County, Bridgeton, Fairview Heights, Mid Rivers and South County, an online store, and a new Indianapolis location that opened May 2015.   More people shop Weekends Only than any other home furnishings store in St. Louis. The company’s corporate office is located in Webster Groves, MO. For more information about Weekends Only, please call 314-447-1552 or visit www.weekendsonly.com 

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5/18/2015 11:02:00 AM  

On Sunday, we said goodbye to Mad Men, one of the greatest TV shows yet. In addition to the talented performances and the twists and turns in Don Draper’s life, we loved watching the chic, ever-changing sets. We fell in love with the colonial-inspired home Don shared with Betty; we were crazy for the pop art and graphic furniture in the Madison Avenue offices; and we couldn’t get enough of the bohemian influences in Megan’s apartment.

Needless to say, the Mid-Century Modern era included quite a few stylish looks for the home. It’s no wonder the TV show inspired a resurgence of these styles in today’s furniture and decor.

If you’re like us and sad to see Don Draper & Co. retire from the small screen, the only cure we can recommend is the next best thing: recreating the look in your own home. Here are a few pieces to get your collection started. (For even more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board devoted entirely to these Mid-Century Modern styles: Mad Men Style.)
Mad Men Style

Floor lamp



White home accessory

Silver home accessory

Madmen 7 Pc Dining Set

Soho Credenza

Dalyn Mirror

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